Old Houses
"La Bourgeoisie" of the past century, is the dominant idea that stays with you, while admiring this two floor-central hall house (500m²; 5 bedrooms, 3 big receptions, 2 chimneys, ...)

It has two entrances that lead to the big garden (500m²), the architect gives you a delightful space of green, black, white … all colors design with special trees and plants; then he adds the light that emphasizes this entire atmosphere at night.

The house is a real big space to live in; high wooden ceiling, marble floor, old wooden doors and windows and beautiful colors revive the rooms, one chimney in each floor.

It's a lightened house day and night, very relaxing space and balconies, all this crowned with a brick-roof, to give the final touch to this marvelous traditional architecture.

Old Batroun Village
Total area: 502
442 s.m.
60 s.m.
506 s.m.
759 s.m.
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